Full Time Qualitative Data Associate


As a full-time Qualitative Data Curator at WEVO you will have a pivotal role in WEVO's client project deliverables. Curators are tasked with cleaning, sorting, organizing, and summarizing qualitative data gathered from survey panel vendors to deliver the highest quality results to our customers. Curators will also be responsible for grooming the collected data to remove fraud.

You will be responsible for delivering fast, accurate curation of qualitative data, and insightful summaries of the data collected.

Skills and Experience

●Attention to detail
●Strong English language comprehension and spelling/grammar skills
●Analytical ability: Ability to quickly synthesize data
●Working knowledge of consumer research and data analysis
●Skilled in analyzing qualitative and quantitative data
●Proficient in writing clear and compelling content
●Self-motivated and independent, able to figure out what needs to be done and do it
●Project management skills
●Familiarity with an online survey platform

This is a full-time role with flexible scheduling ideally with ability to do work on nights and weekends if required. WEVO is based in Boston, MA and prefer candidate to live in MA, NC, Texas, California or Colorado.

If you are passionate about joining a world-class research team in a rapidly growing tech startup, we want to hear from you. Reach out to us today